Adventure Elopements

What Does It Mean To Elope?

Elopements are a type of untraditional wedding that is based around you as a couple. There is no cookie-cutter way and it gives you free rein on your wedding day.

When you choose to elope, you're choosing to put your relationship first over hosting a big party for your friends and family. Eloping allows you to incorporate things that are meaningful and important to you through activities and explore beautiful landscapes together.

When you elope you...

  • Are intentional about your wedding day and putting your relationship first

  • You want to have a stress-free and fun day with your special person

  • You want your day to be filled with adventure

  • You want a wedding day that reflects you both

But most of all you just want to spend time with your partner and enjoy your wedding day!

An elopement is more than a spur of the moment thing


/əˈlōp/ Verb

  1. a personalized, authentic wedding adventure focused on the couple, where every element is a reflection of their unique connection and intentionality.

Just like weddings, elopements can be as elaborate as you want! A full day of exploring, hanging out with your person, doing what you love and creating a day you'll remember forever. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you both. Filled with your hobbies, special & meaningful moments and ultimately enjoying your day with your favourite person by your side! Which is why you choose to elope!

Elopements are not just about getting married quickly or on a whim. Elopements are just weddings that are focused on you, reflect you both as a couple and allow you to experience a wedding day with no rules doing what you want to do!

Your elopement is an experience full of the things you love

Looking For something All Inclusive?

Discover my all inclusive Banff/Alberta Elopement Packages

My name is Solana and Banff National Park is my backyard!

Spending the last couple of summers exploring Banff National Park, I know all the ins and outs of the area! From the best time to visit, parking, avoiding crowds, and the lesser-known spots.

Just like you, I understand that life's greatest treasures are moments. Not big elaborate things that will fade, but those moments doing what you love surrounded by our beautiful world with your favourite person.

If you love adventure, want a stress stress-free elopement, ready to stand on the edge of a cliff, climb a mountain and aren't afraid to get a little dirt on your boots then I can't wait to meet you!

Elopement photographer Solana Crowe photographing an elopement at Peyto Lake
Elopement photographer Solana Crowe photographing an elopement at Peyto Lake
Elopement photographer Solana Crowe photographing en elopement on hoodoos
Elopement photographer Solana Crowe photographing en elopement on hoodoos

Hello Fellow Mountain lovers!

Elopement photographer Solana Crowe standing in Iceland
Elopement photographer Solana Crowe standing in Iceland

What Does An Elopement Look Like?

Just like most couples, you probably have no idea where to start when it comes to elopements. Unlike weddings, there is no set checklist of what a typical elopement looks like so you may be pretty lost right now trying to figure it all out which is totally normal! If you're kinda lost, here are some ideas to help you start envisioning your day!

couple canoeing after eloping in jasper
couple canoeing after eloping in jasper

Elopement Activities

Elopement Locations

Elopement Size

Activities are a great way to add some more fun and adventure into your elopement! You can choose to do multiple activities or just one depending on what you prefer. There are so many activities you can do from skiing/snowboarding, paddle boarding, a canoe ride, a picnic, helicopter tour, hiking and so much more!

This is where you get to dream up the elopement locations of your dreams! Things to consider when you're brainstorming a destination are What activities do I want to do? What views do I want to see (waterfalls, mountains, desert canyons etc.)?, outfits/weather? This all matters when it comes to selecting a destination!

How do you picture your elopement? Do you picture it to be just you and your fiancé? Do you see your friends there? Family? This is all important to consider and its totally up to you!

Adventurous Love Stories

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Are you starting to picture your dream elopement?

Reach out and let's chat about it! I can help guide you in the right direction and help you put your ideas together to create the perfect and unique elopement of your dreams!

Need Some Inspiration? Here are some ideas from some of my favourite locations!

a bride and groom standing at the athabasca icefeilds
a bride and groom standing at the athabasca icefeilds
 groom and bride kissing on beach in iceland
 groom and bride kissing on beach in iceland


+ Peyto Lake

+ Moraine Lake

+ Columbia Icefeilds

+ Takkakaw Falls

+ Lake Minnewanka


+ Skogafoss

+ Golden Circle

+ Fagurholsmyri

+ Black sand beach

+ Hestavaosfoss


+ Mystic Beach

+ Tofino

+ Ucluelet

+ Sombrio Beach



+ Pigeon island

+ Cas en Bas Beach

+ Honeymoon Beach

+ Seashell Beach

+ Anse Mamin Beach

Need some help deciding how long you want your elopement to be?

You're not sure how long you need for your elopement and that's totally ok! It's normal to feel lost and unsure in this area, due to the fact that elopements are not the typical wedding route for most people.

My elopement timeline samples offer you an idea to start dreaming up your wedding day so you can go into your planning process with a better idea.

When you book with me I help you through this and create custom timelines based on you both and your vison to create a day perfectly suited to you both.

Get in touch to start planning your perfect elopement